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Scarface (1983)

Brian De Palma is a fairly unusual director who oscillates from making great critically-acclaimed films (Carrie), to overrated critically-acclaimed films (Dressed to Kill), to exploitation movies (Sisters), and occasionally mainstream Hollywood fare for good measure (Mission: Impossible). He is one of the ‘70s American New Wave auteurs, and, as such, wears his influences proudly on

Sin City (2005)

It’s been over ten years since Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller released their innovative collaboration in digital cinema, and Sin City still looks as good as it ever did. The decision to replicate the comics’ style as closely as possible proved to not only be the best way to tell the story on the big

The Warriors (1979)

Like the titular gang, the film The Warriors was a misunderstood underdog who managed to survive against all odds. Over thirty-five years later, it has become a beloved cult classic that received a beautiful restoration and special edition, a video game, graphic novel, and recent addition to Netflix Instant. Upon its initial theatrical release, this