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Animaniacs (1997)

Animaniacs was one of the more bizarre cartoons to ever grace the small screen. It’s one of those rare flashes of brilliance in children’s programming where kids will enjoy the zaniness of loveable-looking anthropomorphized characters bouncing around and getting into shenanigans, teens and twenty-somethings will pick up on the innuendo, and adults will recognize the

Documentary Now! (2015)

Is Documentary Now! good? Depends on your perspective. Is it funny? I’m honestly not sure. But it is incredibly interesting, witty, and well-made, and I found myself excited to see what they would do next. With each week/month’s fresh wave of mostly mediocre releases on Netflix streaming, it’s rare to say something truly compelling is

Cooked (2016)

In the last couple of years or so the quality of Netflix’s original programming has surpassed not only the majority of traditional network and cable output, but Netflix themselves. Rather than churn out low-quality, low-cost films and shows to meet the needs of their customers, Netflix took an unexpected route – creating (and/or distributing) unique,

A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

A Very Murray Christmas encapsulates everything about Bill Murray’s post-Rushmore public persona. This is not the Bill of Ghostbusters, this is the Murray of Broken Flowers; the same one who has his own coloring book with Steve Zissou on the cover (Thrill Murray). His Christmas special does what every great satire should: come so close

Master of None (2015)

I gave up on TV a long time ago, especially network TV. Parks and Rec, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, and the like are not on the viewing schedule. Occasionally HBO gets it right (Eastbound and Down, Bored to Death, Silicon Valley), but for the most part sitcoms are a dead art (except for

Black Books (2004)

Who would have thought that a show about an irate, alcoholic, Irish bookstore owner drinking, smoking, reading, and being terrible to people would be so damn funny? The owner, Bernard Black (Dylan Moran), is a more intelligent (or at least more well-read) UK version of the man-child protagonist which has come to dominate American comedy.

Freaks and Geeks (1999)

Freaks and Geeks (along with shows like Star Trek and Firefly) is one of those rare instances of a short-lived TV series with an initial small but devoted following which slowly grows over time into a full-blown critical hit. The show only lasted one season and never really found its audience until after it was

Bill Nye, the Science Guy (1993)

In recent years, Bill Nye has become a vocal, outspoken advocate for science and reason, tearing down any public figure disseminating ignorant views on topics such as climate change and evolution. He is not only an internet sensation, with videos garnering millions of views, a Dancing with the Stars alum, and occasional TV pundit, but