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Best in Show (2000)

Although the term is largely reserved for prestigious dramatic directors such as Hitchcock, Truffaut, and Kubrick, Christopher Guest is an auteur is every sense of the word. Who says satirists whose works contain dog poop jokes cannot be considered distinguished? Visual and narrative motifs run throughout his films (of which he is typically screenwriter as

Galaxy Quest (1999)

What a better way to honor the late, great Alan Rickman than by watching the sci-fi cult classic Galaxy Quest. Prior to his run playing Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series, Rickman was already beloved by geeks everywhere for co-staring in this highly quotable Star Trek spoof. Rickman is one of a dream cast

High Fidelity (2000)

There is something about John Cusack. He is one of those actors that has a quality you can’t quite put your finger on, a natural style making him well-suited as the quietly confident, cool everyman. Cusack has crafted a career largely based on portraying lovable assholes (or at least the guy your parents don’t necessarily