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Chaplin (1992)

The magnitude of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (not to mention Guy Richie’s big screen Sherlock Holmes) has overshadowed Robert Downey Jr.’s previous work, and his incredible acting ability has been hidden underneath CGI suits and elaborate action spectacles. Many in his repertoire should be forgotten (Two Girls and a Guy, Friends and Lovers, and anything

My Left Foot (1989)

Put quite simply: Daniel Day Lewis is the God of Acting. His small but powerful body of work provides concrete evidence for the existence of the Greek Muses. He so completely embodies the roles he takes that Lewis’ talent seems otherworldly. On anyone else, the term method acting will most likely invoke groans and visions

Ray (2004)

Ray is arguably one of the best biopics ever made. Although, like every other Hollywood biography, there is sentimentality, simplicity, obvious bias, a happy ending, and the ultimate goal is to herald the subject as an innovator or genius; Ray does everything it can to present an entertaining look at the life of a great

The Doors (1991)

The Doors is one of those movies critics love to hate. They probably expected and/or wanted too much because of Oliver Stone’s previous heavy-hitters (Salvador, Platoon, and Wall Street). What they got was the ultimate rock fan film. Stone loves the band and it shows; his admiration for their artistry is articulated with scenes of