Umesh Mehra

7 Movies Available on Netflix

Aashik Awara
Aashik Awara (1993)

Raised by a kindly thief, orphaned Jimmy goes on the run from goons and falls in love with Jyoti, whose father indirectly caused his parents' deaths. (154 min)

Jaal (1986)

When a mysterious woman hires Shankar to spy on a family, he must determine how his own father's abandonment figures into the situation. (162 min)

Mujrim (1989)

Jailed as a teenager, Shankar has been unable to stay on the right side of the law ever since, despite his wife's pleas and his mother's rejection. (163 min)

Qila (1998)

When an abusive landowner is murdered, his twin brother sets out to find the killer but quickly discovers that everyone, it seems, wanted him dead. (161 min)

Shikari (1991)

When Shankar, who performs on the road with partner Chanchal and elephant Appu, falls for a Russian circus performer, jealousies and conflicts arise. (163 min)

Sohni Mahiwal
Sohni Mahiwal (1984)

After being violently separated from the woman he loves, a young man must disguise himself in order to keep meeting her. (160 min)

Yaar Gaddar
Yaar Gaddar (1994)

When his brother becomes involved in a deadly bank robbery, a heartbroken cop vows to track down and retrieve his wayward sibling – dead or alive. (148 min)