The Best Classic Movies on Netflix

The African Queen

Netflix is a decidedly modern way to watch a movie, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great way to enjoy a timeless flick. For a tech company, Netflix seems to have a healthy appreciation for the films that Hollywood made in its Golden Age. And among the black-and-white marvels and Humphrey Bogart classics

What’s New on Netflix and What’s Leaving in November 2017

New to Netflix in November 2017 November 1 42 Casper Chappie Charlotte’s Web (2006) Field of Dreams Men in Black Michael Clayton Oculus Scary Movie Silent Hill Stranger: Season 1 The Bittersweet The Pursuit of Happyness The Reader The Whole Nine Yards To Rome with Love Under Arrest: Season 7 Undercover Grandpa Where the Day

The Best Kids’ Movies on Netflix

The Iron Giant

Netflix makes it easy to gather the family around for movie night, but it doesn’t protect you from watching something terrible. Netflix’s hefty selection of kids’ movies includes some gems, but it also includes some of those weird Air Buds from when they were running out of sports and had to make him play obscure things

The Best Sports Movies on Netflix

The Endless Summer

Ah, sports! The relentless competition, the sense of pushing oneself to the limit, the glory of victory, the heartbreaking sadness of defeat! Ah, sports on TV! The glories of watching some other poor sucker do all of these things while melting shredded cheese over Tostitos in your microwave.  Sports on TV deliver the thrill of

The Best Documentaries on Netflix

The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir

Netflix is a nearly endless source of entertainment. Its vast library is full of TV shows and movies for every occasion, from intense dramas to late-night stoner comedies (it’s so much choice that you might need our help to find the best dramas on Netflix or the best comedies on Netflix – you’re welcome). So

The Best Science Fiction Movies on Netflix


Science fiction is one of fiction’s most compelling genres. It has excitement, of course: space missions, laser battles, alien invasions are all possible in science fiction. But it also has the power to help us see ourselves in a new way. Science fiction has long been fertile ground for satire and allegory, and that tradition

The Best Horror Movies on Netflix

It Follows

There’s nothing like a good horror movie to make you feel alive (and to make you worry that you won’t be for much longer). Good horror comes in all types: sneaky and suspenseful, eerie and upsetting, grisly and gross, loud and surprising, campy and goofy. There’s a bit of all of those types of great

The Best Dramas on Netflix

Sunset Boulevard

We watch movies because of the stories. A good story shows us something about what it means to be us – it takes a feeling or a thought that we may or may not have even known that we had, and it presents it in a way that makes us think about that feeling or

The Best Comedies on Netflix


Netflix is the perfect service for a relaxing night in – and when it’s time for a relaxing night in, Schindler’s List doesn’t really fit the bill. No, you’re going to want a comedy tonight: maybe something raunchy, maybe something sweet, but definitely something funny, because work is stressful and you’ll watch the Oscar nominees some other

The Best Action Movies on Netflix

Inglourious Basterds

Netflix has an incredible selection of movies and TV shows in a wide variety of genres: romance, tragedy, science fiction, comedy, and much, much more. All of those genres are great, I guess, and you’re welcome to watch them if you want, but it’s very important to note that none of those genres have as