Yuki Yamada

4 Titles Available on Netflix

13 Assassins
13 Assassins (2010)

To stop a tyrant from murdering and exploiting innocent civilians, 13 samurai warriors unite and prepare to assassinate the evildoer. (120 min)

Mischievous Kiss 1
Mischievous Kiss 1 (2013)

When high schooler Kotoko is forced to live in her crush Naoki's house, she realizes she has a second chance to win his love, or to wind up in tears.

Mischievous Kiss 2
Mischievous Kiss 2 (2014)

Kotoko and Naoki have finally wed, but balancing married life with their studies isn't easy, and new romantic rivals threaten their relationship.

The Many Faces of Ito
The Many Faces of Ito (2017)

A jaded rom-com screenwriter in her 30s mines four love-sick women for their stories under the guise of providing them with romantic advice.