Thomas Jane

8 Movies Available on Netflix

1922 (2017)

A farmer pens a confession admitting to his wife's murder, but her death is just the beginning of a macabre tale. Based on Stephen King's novella. (103 min)

Deep Blue Sea
Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Scientists conduct research on sharks, hoping for a cure for Alzheimer's disease. But the tests go wrong, and the sharks are now deadlier than ever. (105 min)

Dreamcatcher (2003)

While on a hunting trip in the Maine woods, four boyhood pals who share a telepathic bond discover that the region is plagued by parasitic aliens. (134 min)

The Punisher
The Punisher (2004)

When an FBI agent's wife and children are murdered after witnessing a mob hit, he becomes "the Punisher" – a one-man judge, jury and executioner. (123 min)

The Veil
The Veil (2016)

The lone survivor of a mass suicide revisits the scene years later with a documentary film crew, awakening dark memories and mysterious phenomena. (94 min)

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage
USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (2016)

After becoming stranded in the Philippine Sea during World War II, a tenacious Navy crew faces a dire lack of supplies and a string of shark attacks. (130 min)

Vice (2015)

A futuristic resort offers patrons fulfillment of their wildest fantasies, using humanlike androids, but their hedonistic dream becomes a nightmare. (96 min)

White Bird in a Blizzard
White Bird in a Blizzard (2014)

When 17-year-old Kat Conners's mom, Eve, vanishes, the teen relishes her newfound freedom – until the reality of her loss sets in. (91 min)