Stacy Keach

7 Titles Available on Netflix

Cell (2015)

A desperate man tries to save his wife and son when a mysterious signal remaps the minds of cell phone users and turns them into rabid killers. (98 min)

Girlfriend's Day
Girlfriend's Day (2017)

When he's caught up in a deadly conspiracy, an unemployed greeting card writer must create the perfect card for a new holiday to save his skin. (71 min)

Gold (2016)

A hapless but driven prospector pursues wealth and fame by teaming up with a mysterious geologist to search for gold in Indonesia. (121 min)

Planes (2013)

Dusty the crop duster dreams of flying in a race around the world. But in order to qualify, he'll have to overcome his fear of heights. (92 min)

Planes: Fire & Rescue
Planes: Fire & Rescue (2014)

Discovering he has engine damage that makes it dangerous for him to compete, legendary air racer Dusty Crophopper turns to aerial firefighting. (85 min)

Sam (2015)

A misogynistic New York man is magically transformed into a beautiful woman and must suddenly deal with life from the other side of the gender gap. (103 min)

Tokyo Trial
Tokyo Trial (2017)

In the wake of World War II, 11 Allied judges are tasked with weighing the fates of Japanese war criminals in a tense international trial.