Rutger Hauer

6 Titles Available on Netflix

Admiral (2015)

In the 1600s, when the Netherlands is under attack by the British navy and on the verge of civil war, a Dutch admiral is his country's only hope. (129 min)

Death Squad
Death Squad (2014)

In the year 2047, a rebel operative embarks on a mission to collect incriminating evidence against the brutal, totalitarian central government. (90 min)

Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power
Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power (2015)

Hero Mathayus races against time tracking down a powerful treasure, before his former friend – now an evil ruler – finds it first and conquers all. (105 min)

The Last Kingdom
The Last Kingdom (2015)

As Alfred the Great defends his kingdom from Norse invaders, Uhtred – born a Saxon but raised by Vikings – seeks to claim his ancestral birthright.

The Letters
The Letters (2015)

Letters written by Mother Teresa to a spiritual adviser over decades reveal her inner struggles as she devotes herself to helping the poor in India. (119 min)

The Rite
The Rite (2011)

In this graphic supernatural thriller, a Catholic priest in training journeys to Rome to attend a special exorcism school at the Vatican. (114 min)