Rebecca Hall

10 Movies Available on Netflix

Christine (2016)

In a film based on true events, an awkward but ambitious TV reporter struggles to adapt when she's ordered to focus on violent and salacious stories. (119 min)

Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray (2009)

When a London artist paints a portrait of a beautiful young man, the subject is so taken with his own image that he sells his soul to keep his looks. (108 min)

Lay the Favorite
Lay the Favorite (2012)

A former Florida stripper joins forces with a sports bookie in Las Vegas and soon becomes his good-luck charm – until his jealous wife steps in. (94 min)

The Awakening
The Awakening (2011)

A haunted boarding school calls on Florence Cathcart, who disproves hoaxes for a living. But the strange place leads Cathcart to question rationality. (107 min)

The BFG (2016)

A little orphan meets up with a kind giant who's supposed to eat her but instead protects her from some truly horrible giants who terrorize them both. (118 min)

The Dinner
The Dinner (2017)

Two brothers and their wives meet for dinner at an exclusive dining establishment. But their evening out together has a painful hidden agenda. (120 min)

The Gift
The Gift (2015)

Newly relocated to California, a man bumps into a former classmate who seems friendly at first, but is soon revealed to be nursing a murderous grudge. (108 min)

The Prestige
The Prestige (2006)

Desperate to reveal each other's secrets, two rival magicians begin to perform increasingly risky tricks – which soon turn deadly. (130 min)

The Town
The Town (2010)

Career bank robber Doug and his volatile partner hit a roadblock when Doug falls for bank manager Claire, whom he kidnapped during their last heist. (125 min)

Tumbledown (2015)

After her husband, a beloved folk singer, dies under unknown circumstances, a Maine journalist meets a brash academic who changes her outlook on life. (104 min)