Mekhi Phifer

5 Titles Available on Netflix

8 Mile
8 Mile (2002)

Aspiring hip-hop artist Jimmy views his home, Detroit's 8 Mile district, as a psychological line that separates him from where and who he wants to be. (110 min)

Chocolate City: Vegas Strip
Chocolate City: Vegas Strip (2017)

The exotic dancers from Chocolate City get back together for a trip to Las Vegas and a chance at $500,000 in prize money. (90 min)

Frequency (2016)

A detective seizes a precious opportunity to change the past when she finds she can communicate with her deceased, estranged father via a time warp.

Pandemic (2016)

A doctor, a tactics officer, a navigator and a driver make up the four-person team hunting for survivors of a zombie virus. (92 min)

The Suspect
The Suspect (2013)

Two African American academics travel to a small Southern town to impersonate bank robbers as a way of examining the role of race in law enforcement. (98 min)