Manoj Bajpayee

6 Titles Available on Netflix

Aarakshan (2011)

The decision by India's supreme court to establish caste-based reservations for jobs in education causes conflict between a teacher and his mentor. (164 min)

Budhia Singh: Born to Run
Budhia Singh: Born to Run (2016)

Born into poverty and sold by his mother to a street vendor, a 5-year-old boy becomes India's first marathon-running champion despite his youth. (95 min)

Chittagong (2012)

In the turbulent 1930s of British colonial India, a teenager joins a ragtag army of schoolboys determined to overthrow their foreign conquerors. (105 min)

Gangs of Wasseypur
Gangs of Wasseypur (2012)

When powerful outlaw Shahid Khan is reduced to working in Ramadhir Singh's coal mines, it sets off a decades-long feud between their families.

Inteqam: The Perfect Game
Inteqam: The Perfect Game (2003)

A writer becomes the prime suspect in a police investigation, following a series of murders that are identical to those in her books. (127 min)

Special 26
Special 26 (2013)

This crime drama tells the story of Indian con artists who pose as government officials and execute a massive daytime tax raid on a prominent jeweler. (137 min)