Eliza Dushku

4 Titles Available on Netflix

Dear Albania
Dear Albania (2015)

Actress Eliza Dushku and her brother Nate take an eye-opening journey across Albania, exploring its history and culture as well as their own ancestry. (57 min)

Locked In
Locked In (2010)

While hunting down the woman he blames for a terrible car crash, a man receives cryptic phone calls he believes are coming from his comatose daughter. (78 min)

The Saint
The Saint (2017)

Master thief Simon Templar – also known as the Saint – is hired by a wealthy banker to find his kidnapped daughter, but not all is as it seems. (92 min)

The Scribbler
The Scribbler (2014)

Suki has used the experimental Siamese Burn device to erase most of her multiple personalities, but one remains... and it may be her own identity. (89 min)