Edgar Ramírez

6 Movies Available on Netflix

Deliver Us from Evil
Deliver Us from Evil (2014)

While investigating a bizarre case, a New York City police officer meets a priest who convinces him the incident is related to demonic possession. (119 min)

Gold (2016)

A hapless but driven prospector pursues wealth and fame by teaming up with a mysterious geologist to search for gold in Indonesia. (121 min)

Joy (2015)

The inspiring true story of a woman whose simple invention might make her a millionaire – if she can survive her dysfunctional family. (124 min)

Point Break
Point Break (2015)

Once a motocross star, a uniquely qualified FBI agent goes undercover to nab Zenic eco-terrorists who seek enlightenment by committing extreme heists. (114 min)

The Counselor
The Counselor (2013)

An attorney who thinks he can dabble in the drug business without any consequences finds himself drowning in a nightmarish downward spiral. (117 min)

Vantage Point
Vantage Point (2007)

Moments after he arrives in Spain for an antiterrorism summit, U.S. President Ashton is shot. (90 min)