Cliff Curtis

9 Movies Available on Netflix

10,000 B.C.
10,000 B.C. (2008)

Fierce mammoth hunter D'Leh sets out on an impossible journey to rescue the woman he loves from a vicious warlord and save the people of his village. (109 min)

Last Knights
Last Knights (2015)

A nobleman who values his people's well-being over his emperor's edicts is killed. His knights vow revenge. (115 min)

Push (2009)

Telekinetic Nick Gant and clairvoyant Cassie Holmes join forces to find a psychic who can help them destroy a shadowy agency called the Division. (111 min)

Risen (2016)

To disprove rumors of a Jewish preacher's resurrection, a jaded Roman tribune and his rookie lieutenant search for the crucified man's missing body. (108 min)

Runaway Jury
Runaway Jury (2003)

Nick Easter gets himself on the jury of a landmark case against a gun manufacturer and works from the inside to influence the other jurors. (128 min)

The Dark Horse
The Dark Horse (2014)

A bipolar Maori man dedicates himself to teaching his nephew and other underprivileged kids to play chess to help improve their lives and characters. (124 min)

The Last Airbender
The Last Airbender (2010)

In a world ravaged by the Fire nation's aggression toward the peaceful Air, Water and Earth nations, a young boy holds the key to restoring peace. (104 min)

Three Kings
Three Kings (1999)

Three American soldiers stationed in Iraq find a map they believe will take them to a huge cache of stolen Kuwaiti gold hidden near their base. (115 min)

Virus (1999)

After outrunning a typhoon at sea, a tugboat navigator and her crew discover a high-tech alien life form that aims to destroy and/or annex Earth. (95 min)