Charlize Theron

6 Movies Available on Netflix

Dark Places
Dark Places (2015)

Years after surviving a brutal crime as a child, Libby Day comes to believe that the brother she testified against for committing it may be innocent. (113 min)

Head in the Clouds
Head in the Clouds (2004)

A flighty-but-charming socialite finds her true match in an intellectual Irishman who wants to battle in the Spanish Civil War. (121 min)

Mad Max: Fury Road
Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Max helps a rebellious woman and a band of female prisoners flee from tyranny, fend off threats and seek their homeland. (120 min)

The Burning Plain
The Burning Plain (2008)

In four seemingly unrelated stories separated by time and space, women and youths navigate the choppy waters of passion, grief and healing. (107 min)

The Last Face
The Last Face (2016)

Savage civil war and a dispute over humanitarian assistance threaten to unravel a checkered romance between an aid director and a doctor. (131 min)

The Road
The Road (2009)

Set in a postapocalyptic future, this end-of-days tale follows two survivors, a father and son, who take to the road in search of a better life. (111 min)