Bill Pullman

6 Movies Available on Netflix

Brother Nature
Brother Nature (2016)

A congressional aide set to run for his boss's seat treks to his girlfriend's family cabin, where plans may get derailed by a future brother-in-law. (97 min)

Spaceballs (1987)

In this spoof of the Star Wars trilogy, the nefarious Dark Helmet hatches a plan to snatch fetching Princess Vespa and steal her planet's air. (96 min)

The Equalizer
The Equalizer (2014)

Retired intelligence operative Robert McCall reluctantly returns to action to protect a young prostitute from brutal members of the Russian Mafia. (132 min)

The Favor
The Favor (1994)

A happily married but curious woman sends her best friend to seduce her old high-school sweetheart and report back with all the juicy details. (98 min)

The Grudge
The Grudge (2004)

In this English-language remake of a Japanese horror film, an American in Tokyo uncovers a deadly curse spread by a spirit with a tragic past. (92 min)

The Sinner
The Sinner (2017)

When a young mother inexplicably stabs a stranger to death, a sympathetic detective struggles to unlock the mystery buried in her missing memories.