Aymen Hamdouchi

4 Movies Available on Netflix

6 Days
6 Days (2017)

When armed gunmen seize the Iranian Embassy in 1980, a tense six-day standoff ensues while elite British soldiers prepare for a dangerous raid. (95 min)

Dying of the Light
Dying of the Light (2015)

A CIA operative diagnosed with dementia discovers that a terrorist long presumed dead has resurfaced, forcing him on one last mission. (94 min)

iBOY (2017)

When shards of a cell phone get lodged in a teenager's brain, he discovers he can control electronic devices and uses his newfound power for revenge. (90 min)

We Are Monster
We Are Monster (2015)

When a violent white supremacist is put in the same jail cell as a harmless Pakistani youth, the lethal result becomes a national tragedy in England. (89 min)