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The Great Escape (1963)

Every movie site, blog, and bookstore is filled with “must-see” lists; virtual bucket lists of cinematic tasks. Your friends and family members loudly exclaim: “What?! You’ve never seen [insert title here]!” Let’s face it, many of those flicks are boring and/or no longer relevant. However, not all these suggestions are inconsequential; there are plenty on

High Fidelity (2000)

There is something about John Cusack. He is one of those actors that has a quality you can’t quite put your finger on, a natural style making him well-suited as the quietly confident, cool everyman. Cusack has crafted a career largely based on portraying lovable assholes (or at least the guy your parents don’t necessarily

The Babadook (2014)

Even with the horror genre’s immense popularity, the films are still divisive; you’re either a “horror fan” or you’re not. Trends in horror often involve pushing the envelope, which typically means increased gore and violence. Currently, the pendulum has swung away from the “torture porn” subgenre (popularized by the Saw franchise) to its polar opposite,

The Shaolin Temple (1982)

The Shaolin Temple is everything you could possible want in a kung-fu movie. It harks back to the days when action directors actually showed you the action. Modern day flicks rely on quick cutting to either trick you into thinking some awesome moves are going on in there somewhere, hide bad CGI, or heighten the