Please, Help Us

Netflix will close down its public API program on 14 November 2014. APIs are useful in moving data, and AllFlicks has relied on the Netflix API in order to list Netflix movies and TV shows for you to view. After November, Netflix only allows eight developers to access its data, and, unfortunately, AllFlicks is not one of them.

If you like AllFlicks and would like to use the site after November, please contact Netflix and ask them to add AllFlicks to the list of approved developers.

You can do so:

  1. via email to Daniel Jacobson, VP of Edge Engineering at Netflix (
  2. via phone (1-800-585-7265)
  3. via Netflix Live Chat

Without you, we are nothing.

Yours sincerely,
AllFlicks Team

P.S. If you decide to email Daniel, you can send us a copy of your message ( :-)